CHUNKY HONEY! (and the liquid kind too) Tuesday in WHEELER!

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A REMINDER that Jeff will be set up from 12-4 this coming TUESDAY NOVEMBER 14th (the only “pop-up” before the Thanksgiving holiday here) in the usual WHEELER location (across from where the train stops – in front of the same building as Pelican and Piper).
Bee Pollen
Real Vermont maple syrup
Raw honey in various sizes/shades/states (some liquid – some chunky style which is preferred by many)
Premium canned Albacore Tuna
OG Apple Cider vinegar – OG coconut oil, OG chocolate sauce – and yes – there will be more…
Questions? Pre-orders? Contact Jeff directly: 208-424-0042 via text – or send e-mail: – or go to the JW Merc Facebook page and send a message there.
See you on TUESDAY in WHEELER!!! jw