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I LOVE NCRD! That’s why I’m urging you to Vote YES on the upcoming renewal of its 5-year tax Levy.

From the moment I walked into the doors of NCRD, I felt welcomed, included, and supported! My passion for fitness led me to join the center, but it’s been the members, staff, and the variety of programs, that have kept me coming! The fitness and yoga instructors are top notch, and the classes offered are inclusive of all abilities, whether you’re young or wizened!

In addition to the classes and the fitness center, I’ve attended a number of fund raising and social events in the gym and in the various rooms that can be rented and used by the community. One of the attractions that draws me down the hall, is the art that adorns the walls of the River Room and the art room. The art is by local artists, and when the items are for sale, some or all of the proceeds benefit local programs or communities, so it’s a win win!

Another program that impressed me, and that I volunteer at, is the before and after school program, Playcare. Angie and her team, assure a safe, well-supervised, stimulating environment, for the children attend. This important program, is offered at a fair price and there are scholarships to those families that need assistance. As a single mom, I know how much a program such as this, was a life saver when I was raising my daughters!

While my participation and use of programs at NCRD has been limited to my personal interests, I’m very much aware of the Aquatics programs, the preschool program that uses the space, and the many other services and programs that are offered at NCRD. I’m proud to be a member of this organization that provides so much to the community! Connection, Community, and Inclusivity are at the heart of this center.

Vote YES for NCRD! No increase in taxes to you, and none of this goes to the funding of the new pool! This levy will assure that all programs, services, and operational costs can be covered! How has NCRD been part of your life and those around you? Let’s keep it going!

Debbie Curley
Member, Volunteer, Friend of NCRD