Verifiable Truth

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Greetings BBQ,
I will be fact-checking some of the posts on this forum propagating misleading and false information. Basic facts and aspects of scientific literacy (such as cause vs correlation) can and should be elucidated and evaluated. In most cases I will simply link to reputable organizations which provide clear rebuttals. Opinion and personal perspective are irrefutable. Regarding the covid-19 pandemic, I hope there are a few things we can all agree on. No organization or individual had all the answers or performed perfectly all the time; mistakes were made, but when it comes to infectious disease we’re all in this together. I believe public health policy does need to be openly debated, and should never be conducted by for-profit entities behind closed doors. Misinformation will not help open that process in any way.

In the following paragraphs I will examine some of the claims made in a recent post by
“Anyway, more myocarditis in Switzerland. I’m not even going to bother to see if Fact Checker or Snopes tried to cover the truth of this, because it seems to be very true, it’s a study that you and I can read. It’s interpreted by John Campbell who is doing amazing work helping humanity figure what happened to them. I’m guessing big-tech-funded Fact Checker and Snopes won’t even try to re-truth this study into one of their lies, it’s too solid:”
Here is a link to the study: ​​
And here are links to multiple articles which clearly explain how the study in question has been misinterpreted. The first link has some further information about John Campbell as well.
I think it continues to be important to seek Verifiable Truth, and I will continue to do so. But the above example is especially interesting because it shows the importance of scientific literacy and the ways that data can be twisted and used to sow doubt and confusion. I urge people to watch John Campbells video, as well as read the two articles which debunk his conclusions and explain what the study actually concludes.
-Hank Tallman