Monkey DNA/Prep Act/myocarditis

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It’s much harder to prove monkey DNA is in some of the vaxxes than it is to study vax injuries. And at this point, there have been LOTS of studies of the various vax injuries, worldwide.

I think I know why there is so much denial about this; cause most of ya’ll shot the junk and are worried. Deep down you are honest enough to admit to yourself that vaccines have ALWAYS caused injuries.

Why would this rushed experimental mRNA-tech be any different?

Yes, vaccine injuries exist.

I know a local lady in her 40s who got myocarditis from the vax; her doctor told her it was from the vax. 40, and now she has serious heart issues and must go to the doctor twice a week or so. For the rest of her life??? She’s 40.

That is criminal. The vax-makers need to be sued and/or thrown in jail, as well as the public officials who pushed this junk onto us.

That’s why this case in Michigan that Dixie pointed out is so important. At best the billionaire tech bros. seriously messed up (hubris/arrogance/callousness) and killed and injured a lot of people.

And now those who have been injured by the vaxxes can sue; the legal precedent is being set.

This is the stuff Ralph Nader is made of. This is the stuff Erin Brokovich is made of.

If I was former (Democrat) Gov. Kate Brown and the OHA brass, I would be trembling in my shoes. This is the legal case that will finally – FINALLY – get Nuremburg 2.0 in the works.


In case you didn’t know, the Prep Act is a fascistic piece of legislation brought into our reality by anti-American mass-murdering war criminal, the former dumb-as-hell Yale cheerleader known as (Republican) Dubya.

“The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREPA), passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by President of the United States George W. Bush in December 2005 (as part of Pub. L.Tooltip Public Law (United States) 109–148 (text) (PDF)), is a controversial tort liability shield intended to protect vaccine manufacturers from financial risk in the event of a declared public health emergency. “

So all the CIA Operation Lockstep big tech bros. did was have their goons in the public health sector declare their lab-engineered coronavirus they sent tearing around the world as a ‘public health emergency’, as was war-gamed in the CIA-scripted Event 201.

It wasn’t a public health emergency. It isn’t a public health emergency.

SARS-CoV-2 is basically the flu, and that the experimental vax-makers who did this scam are protected from liability is also a scam. The PREP Act should never have been invoked, end of story. More lawsuits will come in from that angle.

Oh (Democrat) Gov. Brown, tremble tremble…

Oh Rinehart Clinic, tremble tremble…

The lab-engineered coronavirus that is circulating among us (by design) is no more an emergency than the yearly influenza infections. (Where did the flu go anyway?)

And for that ya’ll did WHAT? AND screwed up our children so badly with the anti-science lockdowns and anti-science school closures. Zoom (Google) loved $crewing over our children though!

Anyway, more myocarditis in Switzerland. I’m not even going to bother to see if Fact Checker or Snopes tried to cover the truth of this, because it seems to be very true, it’s a study that you and I can read. It’s interpreted by John Campbell who is doing amazing work helping humanity figure what happened to them. I’m guessing big-tech-funded Fact Checker and Snopes won’t even try to re-truth this study into one of their lies, it’s too solid:

I also don’t think this ‘elite’ professor should be allowed to teach anymore. (link below) And here we also have (Democrat) Cuomo who got tossed from office supposedly because he is an ass-grabber, but I’ve also heard he was asked to step down because he will be facing manslaughter charges for mandating old folks in care centers with covid be locked up, denied visits from their families, denied proper health care, were then shot up with drugs to ‘help’ with ‘covid’ and lots and lots of them just died.

That’s called homicide, the legal charge is ‘manslaughter’.

When your sick, you wanna be as happy and healthy as possible. You wanna go outside, get some fresh air. You wanna be with your family. That stuff will help you get better, and it should have happened. Nobody has the right to make you stay inside. If they think they do, toss ‘em in jail and get them out of public office.

Locking old folks up in homes when they are sick and pumping them full of drugs killed them, and (Democrat) Cuomo knows it, and he will pay. The World Economic Forum-goon to the north, (Democrat) Jay Inslee, killed old folks in care centers in Washington in the same way.

So no, I don’t forgive them for what they didn’t know. Below (link) we have an ‘elite’ professor and a governor who are now pleading “WE DIDN’T KNOW”.

Oh yeah? Well I know a sh*t-ton of plumbers, farmers, garbage men, auto mechanics, baristas, and store owners WHO DID KNOW.

Screw you ‘smart’ moronic arrogant pathetic men.

Screw the officials, throw them in jail. Fire that professor. This ‘elite’ professor is stupider than my garbage man. This governor is also stupider than my garbage man.

Below is a great example of how these arrogant morons screwed us over. The ‘elite’ professor apologies for being a nazi school-shutdown anti-science moron. (Democrat) Cuomo shows his utter incompetence, his lies can be found in the full show/interview. These men are liars and should be in jail, especially Cuomo: