Thank you Dixie for your Remdesivir-injury post!

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Thanks Dixie for your Oct. 30th BBQ post!!!!!!

Finally, the possibility of justice for the billionaire medical tyrants that have injured and murdered so many with their new, experimental mRNA-tech that nobody needed for their lab-engineered coronavirus that was basically the flu!!


I hope folks sign-up in droves to sue these tech billionaire rip-off vultures and their banker and intelligentsia accomplices!

As for the monkey dna and the rest of it, idk.

I do know that Fact Checkers and Snopes are partially funded by vax-mass-murderer Bill Gates.

I also know that the makers of the hip “J and J” vax got slammed with a billion-dollar lawsuit for putting asbestos in baby powder. (Happened at the mining level).

So glass shards, monkey DNA, asbestos, etc. why the hell not?

Big Farma sucks. Corrupt through and through.

This stuff is worth investigating, but not by using Gates’ funded Snopes and Fact Checker.


Unfortunately I’m not that hopeful that Oregonians (mostly the Dems) overall will wake up to this giant, sadistic money-making virus/vax Operation Lockstep scam, nope, not hopeful at all: