Our community is immensely richer thanks to NCRD

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Fellow Members of the Nehalem Bay Community:

I am voting to continue the operating levy for the North County Recreation District. I emphatically encourage you to vote YES too.

Our community is immensely richer thanks to NCRD. When I think of NCRD, I think of the countless hours spent water walking in the pool, many memorable events at the NCRD Theater (It’s a Wonderful Life, Mel Brown, Maria Muldaur, Nancy Pearl,…), community group meetings in the Fireside Room, yoga classes, and much more. As a Pickleball player, I am forever grateful to NCRD for stepping up to build an outstanding Pickleball facility that is enjoyed by people from ages eight to eighty.

If voters fail to renew the operating levy on the November 7 ballot, NCRD’s program services would be cut by about half. That would make all of us poorer. The ballot measure will not create a new tax, it only will continue the existing tax at the same rate that has been in effect for many years.


Steve Brier