Demystifying the Network Spinal™ Wave with Dr. Dawn Sea Kahrs

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Have you heard that we are making WAVES over here at Graceful Waves?

At this fun, FREE, and informative class Dr. Dawn will be demystifying the two kinds of spinal waves that Network Spinal™ is known for developing and explaining the clinical significance of the role they have in optimizing the health of the spine and nervous system.

TOPICS to cover:
The Respiratory Wave is focussed on RESPIRATION or Breath— a full breath wave gently rocking each and every vertebrae through its range of motion. This waves invites SAFETY to both the connective tissues and the musculature.
The Somatopsychic Wave goes through the deeper neurological tissues of the body, the ligaments, deeper tendons, vertebral bodies, and joints. This Wave also utilizes the lower mental (the decision-maker) and upper mental (the optimizer) energetic intelligences.
Both these “healing waves” affect the tissues and the energetic resourcefulness that we experience in our body-mind. The waves are as unique to each individual as our own fingerprint! We’ll talk about the first known Central Pattern Generator (our gait), and the second known and measurable Central Pattern Generator – the SP Wave – measured on surface EMG instrumentation.
Dr. Dawn will give a DEMONSTRATION of how our unique care here at Graceful Waves Wellness Center helps the body cultivate these two healing waves!

GREAT for current practice members, but also to introduce a friend who really appreciates a more cognitive understanding of the clinical significance to the work we specialize in!

We will provide nachos as well as refreshments to enjoy as you soak in the knowledge that our nervous systems and spines are truly magical.
Reserve your seat here:

Graceful Waves Wellness Center
206 S. Marie Drive
Wheeler, OR 97147
November 6th, 2023 @ 6:30 pm