Take action, VOTE NO.

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It would be great to see the community at the Board meetings, 2nd Thursday 6pm…after 4 years of attending almost every board meeting and witnessing over and over and over again the dismissiveness of Community questions/concerns; the disinterest regarding our teens/tweens recreational interests (‘they should be grateful, we’re building them a nine million dollar pool’; the disrespect for the mobility challenged in the PAC having stage access (“I have a disability, you don’t see me asking for special favors”); the arrogance to address any of it as 73% of the voters passed it the last time…

If you can sleep at night knowing your vote perpetuates the biases, the discrimination; the ignorance by passing the levy, do it.

I’m not that person. I have cast my ballot and voted against the levy.

The NCRD will not cut any of the children’s programs.
The PAC will continue to provide plays & entertainment.

Maybe the budget will be examined?
I’d still like to know who received the $11,338.00 which shows paid for Asst Executive Director, yet we haven’t had an Asst. ED?
Does the Fitness Dept (Director; Supervisor; Attendants + Instructors) need a budget of $237,661/yr ($651/day) with usage on average of 13/day?

Just curious…. Take a look for yourself?