Landmark case- you can sue for Cvd vx injuries

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Up until now, the drug companies have been shielded from liability for all the COVID vaccine injuries and deaths that they have caused. They’re protected by something called the PREP Act, which stands for Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness. A judge in a landmark Michigan case, however, has now ruled that the PREP Act does not shield the Big Pharma companies from liability if their medicines are contaminated.
That’s it. The floodgates are finally open. If you were hurt by a COVID shot or if one of your loved ones died from it, you can now sue the Big Pharma companies.
The Michigan case was brought by Dan Nowacki, an elderly man who was hospitalized with COVID. Mr. Nowacki was treated with Remdesivir, which is a COVID treatment drug made by pharmaceutical company Gilead. Remdesivir is a relatively new treatment, so it’s shielded under the PREP Act.
Mr. Nowacki was treated with Remdesivir intravenously. His attorneys just proved in court that at least two of the vials that Mr. Nowacki was administered were contaminated with shards of glass. It caused him to have two catastrophic strokes in the hospital. He’s now permanently bedridden. About 55,000 vials of Remdesivir were recalled in November of 2021 due to glass contamination.
The judge ruled that the pharmaceutical companies’ liability shielding does not protect them in the case of contamination. If the Big Pharma companies are being protected from being sued, then they still have to meet basic safety standards. They can’t just inject their medicines into people if they know that those medicines are contaminated with shards of glass, arsenic, or… just to name one possible contaminant off the top of our head… cancer-causing monkey viruses.

A scientist was able to obtain 27 vials of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines. All 27 vials contained unsafe levels of simian virus 40 (SV40), a monkey virus that can cause brain cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and other fatal types of cancer. That research has been scientifically confirmed by Health Canada.
There are only two possibilities here. Either the pharma companies knew that they were putting unsafe levels of cancer-causing monkey viruses in the shots, or it was contamination. We have all the Pfizer internal documents that Dr. Naomi Wolf and Steve Bannon’s team has been poring through for months now. There is no mention of SV40 contamination anywhere in the millions of pages of documents.
The most likely explanation here is that Pfizer and Moderna knew their shots were contaminated with money virus, but they never told the FDA about it. The FDA now knows that the Pfizer and Moderna shots are contaminated with SV40, so they are obligated to take all the shots off the market immediately, until the problem is corrected. Every vial needs to be recalled. If that doesn’t happen, the FDA is displaying criminal negligence by knowingly letting the Big Pharma companies inject patients with contaminated COVID shots.
More importantly, legal experts are all confirming that the Michigan case about the glass shards in Remdesivir applies directly to the COVID vaccines with the monkey virus in them. If the vaccines are contaminated with SV40 (which has been conclusively proven), then you can sue Pfizer or Moderna for liability. The PREP Act does not protect them from liability if they knew that some or all of the lots were contaminated.
The SV40 was located in the gene sequences that Pfizer and Moderna handed over to regulators. They just didn’t tell them it was there.
Millions of Americans were harmed by these experimental medicines. Miscarriages and stillbirths spiked because of the shots. Many thousands of young people developed serious, life-altering myocarditis. Thousands of military servicemembers who were forced to get the vaccines were sexually sterilized by them.
Steve Kirsch has compiled a list of 90 attorneys who are willing to sue the pharmaceutical companies if you have been hurt by the shots. The floodgates are now open because of this Michigan contamination case, so a lot of people are going to be suing them. If you were hurt by the shot, you should get in touch with a good attorney ASAP, before Pfizer and Moderna seek bankruptcy protection.
You can view the list of the 90 attorneys and their contact info HERE.
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