Ineptness at the wheel

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When Bill Clinton denigrated the dignity of the Presidency by seducing a young female intern in the White House, I thought this was a new low even for a politician. Then came George W. Bush, who not only lied to the American people by claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction,but ignored the largest visible civilian protest in world history and started a war that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people. He thereby became a war criminal, and in complete disrespect of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, called them “Just a piece of Paper.”
And now we have Joe Biden, who arguably lacks the mental acuity to lead our nation during these perilous times, has espoused open borders, allowing tens of thousands of illegal aliens to continue to enter our country, thereby overwhelming our social services, creating vast groups of unintegrated non-citzens and threatening our very ulture. In evidence of his lack of diplomacy and overall grasp of world affairs, Biden has announced, without any consensus-driven expression of the American citizenry, that our country supports Israel’s genocidal military policy against the people Palestinians in Gaza. Mind you, this is in direct violation of every known international resolution and international law dealing with such matters of which we are a signatory. It follows, that if we support Biden’s prouncement, we are complicit in Israel’s crimes.
By virtue of his poor judgment, Biden has caused Americans to be between a rock and a hard place. By pronouncing condemnation of both Israel and Hamas, urging a cease-fire and diplomatic solution, he would have shown some capacjty to be at the helm of our ship of state.
Israel is our proxy in the Middle East and they can’t afford to lose our support. We can use that leverage to bring them to the bargaining table and hopefully come away with a two-state solution. The other States in the Middle East and most of the world support this concept. Netanyahu, Biden and Hamas are the flies in the ointment.