After the wars: what’s next?

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Globalist planners (banks/tech/war/health) worked for decades on a Democrat-led war with Russia via Ukraine, more war with Russia via Iran and Syria, engineering of SARS-CoV-2 and the lies and fear that led billions to shoot new mRNA-tech that they didn’t need.
Many, many of us knew the elites would use the Biden admin to start World War Three. The war planners wanted it with Hillary, she lost, and then they tried to start the wars with Trump, but he wouldn’t do it. That “medical tyranny” would be used against us was also talked about well before ‘someone in China ate a bat’.
What are the globalist planners working on next? What does the future hold?
Well, the elites’ plans for the rest of us include lots of things. Lots of events that will occur in the future (and will be presented as organic events, like ‘covid’ and the Hamas attacks) are being planned right now.
Whitney is the top open-source journalist in the world. Open source: All of her info comes from publicly available material, not inside scoops from ‘intelligence officials’ or ‘administration officials’, etc.
Near 29:00 Whitney talks about the World Economic Forum’s repeated talk of an upcoming ‘terrorist cyber attack’ on the banks. This will likely be blamed on Iran and/or Russia. They say this will happen before 2025.
Why would the global elites want to crash the banks? There are many reasons:

and here Whitney talks more about the criminal networks in banking, war planning, etc., and what they are planning for your future.
This interview has the added benefit of watching Glenn Beck (I never cared for him or his work) wake the hell up: