Discrimination, Ignorance, Biases. Demand change, VOTE NO

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Community, for those of you who use the NCRD, or don’t use the NCRD, the NCRD is a Treasure and has the potential to be a great experience for all. CONSIDER, you’ve only had those experiences because they are unrestrictedly AVAILABLE to YOU.
If you have mobility issues, if you’re in a wheelchair YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS to the Pickle ball courts or onto the stage in the PAT, THAT’s not the point.

THE POINT IS, the Board and Ed will NOT EVEN ASK FOR A COMMITTEE BE FORMED to look for options! This and comments from a board member ‘I have a disability, you don’t see me asking for special favors’ and another bm’s sickening smirk ‘do people in wheelchairs play pickle ball’ indicate discrimination, ignorance and a very nasty bias against the mobility challenged.

By VOTING NO, the Board and ED will see we AS COMMUNITY are NOT WILLING to perpetuate biases and discrimination with our tax dollars!

As a Community, do we not stand for Community over our individual interests?

The NCRD will continue, there is a LOT of slush in the budget. Let’s look at why employees, REGARDLESS of hours worked, ACCRUE PTO (personal time off)?

Please VOTE NO!