Shamanic Breathwork Series — One spot left!

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This six-week series will be a deep experiential dive into Shamanic Breathwork. The Shamanic Breathwork ceremony is a powerful and very individual experience.

Each week we will come together to learn about and experience the power of the breath to access non-ordinary states of consciousness where we can shift from ego agenda to awakening our soul’s wisdom.

The breath can take us to places where old wounds and dysfunctional patterns and narratives that no longer serve us can be released and transformed. Our breath can also transport us to realms where we experience profound love, peace and inspiration, and can recover lost soul parts and remember who we truly are.

Throughout this series the elements — water, earth, fire, spirit and air — will guide us along the path of change. Each element will help us explore a particular cycle of change.

In the Breathwork journey itself we will be lying down using circular breathing and chakra-attuned music to walk between the worlds. Following that, we integrate the experiences, messages and lessons using art-making and group sharing.

For questions and to RSVP, please email me at Further info available with RSVP.

Cost is $450 for the series.

About Me:
I have been an RN since 2001 and have worked mainly in hospital settings in various departments. I’ve also been a Homeopathic practitioner, a yoga teacher, and have practiced Healing Touch and meditation.
I have been fascinated with health and healing and the mysteries of life ever since I can remember. I am dedicated to creating safer and sacred space for people to awaken their inner healer and shaman.
I have recently completed my training as a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator through Venus Rising Association for Transformation. This process has been transformative for me and helped me heal from deep exhaustion and fatigue and release dysfunctional patterns that have had me held in doubt for years