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Dear community members,

Please join me in supporting the NCRD by voting yes for the renewal of the current five year option tax for General Operations. This is not a new tax; it is a renewal of what the community has already supported at the polls in the past. The NCRD is key for recreation in our small, rural community!

As Nehalem Elementary School’s principal, I see again and again how much my students and families receive from the NCRD. Our school swim program, the after school, non-school day and summer child care program, the camps and other activities …. all that supports students and their families.

As a parent, I have used the NCRD for my own children’s camps, swim lessons, Family Swim Nights, Friday Swim Nights, child care and swim team. We took family music classes and family yoga classes years ago when my children were toddlers. My own children and my whole family are better off because we have the NCRD in our community for recreational activities. We have spent many fun evenings and days there.

As a community member, I belong to the NCRD as a fitness member. I’ve taken spin and other fitness classes, worked out at the fitness center, worked with a personal trainer from NCRD, swam in the pool, and enjoyed yoga classes for years. My favorite yearly 5k race was Manzanita Beach Run back in the good old days! People came from all over to run that event! Even our local grade 4/5 girls’ running club, the S.H.E. Warriors, ran that as our first 5k!

What would our community look like without these resources for our local folks? My own family used the NCRD so much when my kids were younger. I hate the idea of not having all these ways for young families to be together and play together and get to know other parents and families. The NCRD brings people together, and gives them safe, fun, healthy activities to participate in. Families make memories there.

Please show your support for the NCRD with a YES vote. Our kids and families deserve to have the same programs that have been around for all of us for years. This is a YES vote to support children and families in our local community.

Thank you!