Another YES Vote

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Hello Community,
Full disclosure here, I am invested in NCRD.

For 42 years, I have served or participated as a volunteer, instructor, and member. During the 70’s, I enjoyed lap swimming, teaching aqua aerobics and life guarding. In the 80’s I was one of the first volunteers for the newly formed Nehalem Bay Center gym. I was on the 20-year Vision Plan Committee in the 90’s and am currently on the budget committee. Throughout, I have participated in children’s events, gym, yoga and fitness classes – so many fitness classes.

This gives me the unique perspective of someone who has been involved in some capacity for an extended period. I have seen the facility go through many changes, from under the direction of the school district to TBCC and the Nehalem Bay Center and finally the organization we have today. I’ve witnessed the ups concerning our facility and feared the downs for our community.

In recent years, I’ve been impressed with the board’s determination and ability to show growth. Along with this growth comes rising costs. Yet despite rising costs, the tax levy on the November ballot does not ask for an increase in operational tax but remains as it was some15 years ago!

I’d like to address the cut back on the elementary school swim program. It’s true the school district has cut back its swim program for this year. That doesn’t mean the cut back will continue into next year or the following years. I urge you to consider the whole picture, with an emphasis on the future.

A final note: Because I support the tax levy, does NOT mean I disregard others whose experiences have gone poorly. I have no doubt there have been some valid concerns over the years. With any organization, there are failings. We are human – humans are imperfect- we can learn from our mistakes. Do we strip down an organization valued and utilized by so many? No, we move forward, learn from those mistakes and rectify to the best of our ability.

Vote YES on the 5-year Optional Tax Levy for General Operations for NCRD.

Margie Neilson