Cannabis fights SARS/stop the war rally

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Made you look! Of course there is no ‘stop the war’ rally! We’re in Big War Biden territory!

But the Ukraine ‘aid’ (gee thanks for all that!) is ‘kind of coming to an end’ says the war pig Kirby. What a dirt bag. We spent 110 billion dollars helping the WEF turn Ukraine into rubble. Nice to see it all worked out so nicely for the war machine. Great job Biden!

But guess what? Russia is fighting back! On behalf of a globalist think tank and the military-industrial-complex, Russia has overthrown the government of Canada! Furthermore, they have put bioweapons labs in Quebec and Ontario! And down there in Tijuana, Russia has staged missiles that can hit Washington D.C. in seven minutes!

Since most folks have no clue why Russia invaded Ukraine, the above is what we did to Russia: Tijuana = Poland, Canada = Ukraine, Russia = Democrat fascists currently running Amerikkka.

Let’s say the Dems didn’t send 110 billion to kill the Russians they baited into Ukraine, what woulda happened? Putin would have slapped around that treasonous bitch Zelensky a bit, kicked some Nazi ass in the Dunbass, and that would have been the end of it. Ukraine would still be standing.

But no, America had to destroy Ukraine and make 110 billion dollars doing so. (And now the Democrat war machine is going to ‘pivot’ to the Middle East. Great job Biden. If only Trump had been allowed to serve the term he was elected to serve.)

Here (link below) is the ONLY consistently anti-war senator, Rand Paul trying to stop yet another war. Wyden and that other loser could care less about murdering Russians, Ukrainians, Iranians, whomever. Just make sure your constituents know that you are fighting for equity and inclusiveness in the bombings! Wyden is a useless big tech big war robot; just look at his plastic surgery and fake hair. (He might not even be real???). Furthermore, he has the integrity of Lyndsie Graham, aka the ‘First Lady of Congress’ as he is known, cuz, when he isn’t pretending to be a Christian or calling for America to murder Iranians and get World War Three into full swing, he’s screwing his young male staffers.

But the Dems love Lyndsie Graham these days; he’ll bomb whomever they want. (And bonus, he’s gay!)

Again, Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate that can stop World War Three from expanding. Why do you think the globalist war pigs and the World War Woke Democrats want to throw him in jail? Why do you think Hitlery Clinton paid for a fake intel report saying Russian hookers peed on Trump? (The answer: so she could get elected and kill Russians.)

If I’m wrong and the hooker thing did happen, then she’s just jealous. 😉

Do you seriously think mass-murdering anti-American anti-freedom war scum like Hitlery are concerned about Trump’s ‘fraud’? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Dems so dumb; sorry but it’s truer than ever. Enjoy your BIG BIG WAR if Orange Man gets jail instead of the Presidency.

Tucker Carlson (unlike any dems I’ve seen) became aggressively anti-war and anti-‘covid’ vax once he learned the truth. I wonder why he got fired from Fox? Maybe war pig Rachel Maddow knows; she’s still working.

And don’t forget to stay healthy if you shot the ‘vax’ Biden and the WEF scared you into putting into your veins. Four-million vax injuries and counting…

Spike proteins never sleep:

And on a somewhat lighter note, stoners get less covid! Woot woot! Gotta take the good news where I can get it!

Well, the above is not exactly true, only if all else is equal: cannabis has anti-viral properties!!!!!

Take a toke! Don’t vax and stroke!