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Hello Community members!

I’m writing you today to share my wholehearted support for the NCRD’s November renewal of our 5 year operational levy!

I know first hand the impact the NCRD has had on our community. If anyone followed my campaign, you’d know I learned to swim at the pool, my children learned to swim in the pool. Now my children participate at the NCRD sponsored sports programs, my husband and I are fitness members and our youngest daughter is finishing out her last year at New Discoveries Preschool. To say the NCRD plays a big part in my family life would honestly be an understatement.

The NCRD provides countless programs for us, from much needed child care, to overall heath and wellness. Our beautiful theater offers us entertainment and resources for the arts! All offered at subsidized rates, with additional scholarships to anyone in need to fill in the gaps!

Voting YES for the NCRD 5-year levy will NOT increase taxes.

Voting YES gives critical funding for ongoing services and programs.

Voting YES does NOT fund the new pool.

5 years ago the levy passed with overwhelming strong support! 72.9% voted yes! We collectively created the NCRD and continue to support and grow in the spirit that first saved the pool!

Join me in voting YES for the NCRD

Warmest regards,
Erin Laskey-Wilson