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A year or so back, Tucker Carlson apologized for his part in supporting America’s brutal invasion of Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. He had never seen footage of WTC building 7 and realized he had been given lies to report. He shouldn’t feel too bad though, Americans lined up in droves to go to murder people in Iraq because they believed those lies too.

When will so-called ‘liberals’ apologize for their part in starting World War Three? What started as ‘liberal’ blood-lust (Putin is a homophobe and he stopped Hillary from getting into the White House!) is now ubiquitous blood lust. World War Three is here.

Civics groups should be planning for World War, not a tsunami. I know tsunami prep is trendy, easy, and one doesn’t have to think about how they created the war threat themselves, simply by voting for Joe Biden. But we are now at war and IT WILL IMPACT OUR LOCAL COMMUNITIES. Prep for that Democrats of Wokezanita, prep for the war your last two presidents started.

I think so-called liberals could care less about Ukrainians, they just want to bomb the homophobic Russians. And now the war baton has been handed to the GOP war pigs. (Git ‘em Tucker! Link below)

This war would never have happened if Trump was president. Trump remains the ONLY presidential candidate that can stop World War Three, this years-long effort of the Democrats to start World War Woke, from way back in 2014 when Obama and then VP girl-sniffing homicidal creep Joe Biden overthrew the democratically-elected government of Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson is the ONLY anti-war voice I can find, and it’s a powerful voice he’s got.

And there ain’t an anti-war ‘liberal’ to be found. Not one nowhere. Because there ain’t no actual liberals to be found anywhere anymore, just a bunch of mind-controlled woke droids, pro-war, pro-vax, pro-masking your kids at school for no scientific reason whatsoever.

So we got to watch the Democrats destroy Portland, and now we get to watch them destroy the rest of American and much of the world, as happens in war.

Unless brave and smart folks like Tucker Carlson start to stand-up against World War Woke:

(Tucker was also smart enough NOT to shoot Bill Gates’ m-RNA junk)