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So, who am I who would dare to suggest, let alone promote a NO VOTE for the renewal of the 5year operational tax levy?

I am a past board member & President of Friends of NCRD; current President of the Nehalem Bay Garden Club; current Treasurer of White Clover Grange; outreach Director of Rainy Day Village, a Precinct Committee Person and a Neighborhood Leader. I am an active, engaged, supporter of our Villages and communities since moving here in 2007. I have been a voice for those unable to speak and for those who feel they have no voice.

I’ve also been a siren when curious numbers show up on documentation/budget sheets of NCRD. (1.7 million donated by community members since 2013? NO. The past (not) employed?-Finance Director’s income looking to have received over $100,000/yr? Why those questions/concerns have been met with such defensive anger is surprising to me, given the 2009 embezzlement case where ‘an audit report of NCRD brought to light the absence of approximately $9,300 from the budget. The missing monies were reimbursements made to Fletcher without appropriate documentation’. I would think the NCRD board and staff would appreciate all eyes on deck? NO.

Which brings me to last nights Board meeting. I will say I am impressed with Michael Howes, new board member. He asked direct questions, some obviously uncomfortable to staff and didn’t step over asking what was not clear. Thank you Michael, there is hope. Since attending almost every board meeting the last 3 years, I am encouraged for the first time!

And, I am confused. The Board minutes say TJ Fiorelli was hired as Asst. Executive Director, however TJ made it clear last night he has never been hired? Okay, then who rec’d the $11,338.00
expense for the Asst ED, shown in the budget for last month? And, wasn’t he given a contract for $7,000 dollars to raise 2+ million dollars for the no-pool pool? Where’s that money? Hmmmmm.

I believe the Board missed an opportunity last night to share what was created (if anything) in their ‘workshop’ last month. Given they absolutely know why I am promoting a NO VOTE, they could have addressed issues to show they give a damn about repairing or creating faith in the Communities, but no. The meeting barely lasted 30 minutes? Too bad…not even a conversation for committees being formed for stage accessibility; Pickle-ball accessibility; youth’s Skate-park; Citizen advocacy; nothing, as of yet….

VOTE NO, be a demand for ALL!