Royal Albert American Beauty Rose China

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Perhaps one of Royal Albert’s most beautiful patterns, this set of American Beauty was purchased by my Canadian grandmother in the 1940s from the famous British maker of bone china, Royal Albert. It is in excellent condition, having been used only for special-occasion dinners — Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc. Gradually, through the 1940s and 1950s, many special pieces were added to the basic set.

I considered selling it to Replacements Ltd., until they offered me prices such as $1 for the mini-creamer (which they were selling for $21) and $8 for a cup-and-saucer set, which they sell for $22. Plus, I’d have to pay to ship it all to them (yikes), which would pretty much wipe out what I’d receive for the dishes. Wow! Talk about highway robbery! So I decided to offer this nostalgic china for sale closer to home.

There are 8 dinner plates (which Replacements sells for $40 each!), 7 bread-and-butter plates, 6 fruit/dessert bowls; a mini-creamer, mini-sugar bowl and their tray; a sandwich tray ($70 on Replacements!); a 13-inch oval serving platter; 4 dessert-plus-cup combo plates; a 7-inch relish/sweet meat (candy) dish; a 4-3/4-inch square sweet meat dish; 11 Countess-style cups and 11 saucers (the cups also fit the dessert plates). I also have the teapot with lid, no flower on spout, which Replacements is selling for $225. The topknot on the lid has been glued back in place, so this is not a perfect piece like the others.

All of the above for $350.