NCRD is about PEOPLE

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The Local Option Tax for NCRD is not about the pool, it is about PEOPLE!

It is about a community that puts the value and quality of people’s lives over the costs of ordinary things. It is above all about a community history of demonstrated commitment to enhance its children’s quality of life through providing opportunities for growth and learning that is available in few other communities. It is about providing a means for its older citizens to confront their twilight years in such a way that ensures the dignity of the individual and their ability to not be a burden to their family, friends or society by maintaining their health both physically and mentally. It is about the constructive and creative courses provided by the NCRD Staff and Volunteers who maintain stewardship in all our behalf.

It is also about setting an example for our children of how important it is for each succeeding generation to renew their commitment to their community by providing the means for all us to grow and prosper, not just as individuals but as an extended family who recognize and maintain their commitment to each other.

NCRD is mute but eloquent testimony as to who we are, what we believe in and what distinguishes us from others – our demonstrated commitment to each other. NCRD helps make us who we are.

I encourage you to vote YES for the NCRD Option Tax.

Jack Bloom
NCRD Board Member