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Below is a link to my anti-war film Targeting Iran.

I met the book’s author David Barsamian at the Hoffman Center years back, during his Targeting Iran book tour. We managed to make a film about it. I interviewed David in Chuck’s living room.

Israel at war: 400 Hamas fighters crossed the border unnoticed, and it’s being called a ‘colossal intelligence failure’. 9/11 was also called a ‘colossal intelligence failure’.

Bibi (a Yale? Harvard? grad, can’t recall) has long wanted to attack Iran, he has been in and out of power lately, near his end it seems, and he has now vowed to ‘transform the Middle East’. (Well, HE won’t be doing anything, but lots of soldiers and civilians will die as ‘he’ ‘transforms the Middle East.’

The New York Times, citing ‘anonymous sources’ tells us Iran backed the Hamas attack. Hamas says that isn’t true. It wouldn’t make sense to me that Iran would back this attack at this time. And I remember the New York Times and Judith Miller telling us that Iraq had acquired weapons of mass destruction, which was a Dick Cheney fake intel thing, him working with Italian intel, and total bullshit.

Colon Powell pushed this Iraq lie in front of the world, at the U.N. But now he himself has died from a weapon of mass destruction. (covid)

An Israeli border guard said yesterday, I was told, something like “we see every bird that flies across the border; we can see a cockroach walk across the border. How did 400 Hamas terrorists come across unnoticed?”

The Mossad is known as the most competent intelligence agency in the world, often working with MI6 and the CIA. The GPS you use to drive? Originally Israeli intel tech, tracking ‘terrorists’ or whatever.

Russia is allied with Iran. Big time. Syria (secular, has significant Christian population) is allied with Russia too. Putin has been keeping America at bay for ten years or more, stopping us from attacking those two countries, that must be pissing the war pigs off. Seems to me World War Woke (Putin is a transphobe!) is finally, as was expected, metastasizing into World War Three.

Targeting Iran: