Free Spine Check Day!… Last one for the year — Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Everyone deserves a healthier nervous system and more flexible and adaptable spine!
This special opportunity includes a personalized Report of your Postural Health, as well as a mini spinal exam and your first gentle spinal adjustment with Dr. Dawn.
Afterwards, if you would like to continue your wellness journey with us, you will have the opportunity to receive a specially discounted and more comprehensive Initial Exam.
Due to the limited space available, we request that you book online here:
This our last Free Spine Check Day of the year— Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to prioritize your health and experience the benefits of a properly functioning spine and nervous system!
_____________________________________ If for any reason you find that you cannot attend, kindly cancel your appointment via your booking confirmation email so that someone else may have the opportunity to benefit from this special event. Thank you!
We look forward to having the honor of serving you and your loved ones!
**For new patients and local community members only**