Worms. Compost. Castings. Oh My! Get the Goodness While it Lasts

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Purchase Worm Castings
You can also use worm castings in your container plants and indoor plants. Using worm castings for container and indoor plants can reduce the amount of time you need to water it, which also lowers your risk of root rot.

Worm castings are $15 for a large grocery bag (roughly 10 lbs) and includes some worms:-)

Adding your Food Scraps to the Community Worm Bins
Please keep adding your food scraps to our worm bins (and email, call or text to let me know you are using them so I can keep track:-). And please remember to cut things up as small as possible and remove any plastic and stickers (this is our biggest challenge so far:-). We may need to build another worm bin so as to not overwhelm the worms, but so far they seem happy. I will be monitoring them throughout the winter and will keep you posted as the days get colder.

Setting up a Worm System at Home
I have two worm towers. If you are interested in getting set up at home, I can help you. They are very easy to use. Just email, call or text and I’ll set up a time to meet with you.

I hope you are all having a wonderful fall and I look forward to seeing you around the towns.

Much love,