Nehalem Bay Health District Board

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Nehalem Bay Health District Regular Board Meeting

6:00 PM, Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Location: Zoom remote video conferencing

This meeting is open to the public.
The Zoom link below is for members of the public who wish to attend

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1. Call to order

2. Health District DEIA commitment

3. Consent agenda:
– Minutes of September 13 regular meeting; special meeting of January 4, 2023 and special meeting of April 5, 2023

– Financial report

4. Consideration of resolutions

– 2023-11 designation of District registered agent
– 2023-12 authorization to establish 1st Security Bank of Washington savings account
– 2023-13 authorization of two additional Local Government Investment Pool Accounts

5. Authorization to proceed with RFP for certain accounting services

6. Bond measure and related issues update

7. Old hospital update

8. Public comment

9. Items for the good of the order

10. Adjournment