De-Fund the NCRD

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A very vocal advocate for the continuation of NCRD’s services wrote in her supporting arguments on this site:

“Yes is the support NCRD gives all of North County by providing space for activities such as Flu/COVID immunization clinics…”

Definitely de-fund this institution before they kill more people (including children) with this new, deadly m-RNA tech from Big Pharma and the Department of Defense.

TO DATE, there have been 17-million people murdered (killed intentionally) by Bill Gates’ and Big Tech’s experimental mRNA technology. That number will continue to climb or decades to come.

I will NEVER risk my life to play pickelball, and the NCRD should not be encouraging members of our community to shoot deadly ‘vaccines’ from Big Tech in order to play pickelball or for any other reason.

De-fund the NCDR NOW, until they pledge not to be a mouthpiece for Big Pharma.

Seems like an excess of spike proteins are part of what kills people after shooting Gates’/DODs/Big Tech’s junk.

Why does the NCRD supporting injecting folks in our community with this deadly garbage?

The strands here are post mortem, which begs the question what this stuff does to the living (they are dying somehow from Big Tech’s new mRNA ‘vax’.)

And let’s check in with psycho shall we?

Bill Gates wants to cut down massive amounts of the world’s remaining old-growth trees and bury them to “Fight Climate Change”.

Told ya he was a lunatic.

I won’t mainline ANYTHING, EVER, made by lunatics who prefer Big Tech to Big Trees.

But the NCRD wants YOU to shoot a ‘vaccine’ made by a crazy man: