Heart of Cartm As a Cultural Hub!

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Heart of Cartm was recently featured in a series that profiles essential cultural hubs, prioritizing centers in rural and underserved areas. Check out the article on Oregon Arts Watch: Cultural Hubs:

Heart of Cartm envisions a dynamic culture focused on actively using waste as a resource for social, economic and creative benefit. As a cultural hub, we are facilitating the reimagination, reuse and repair of our region’s resources, leading to a zero waste community.

Please join us on this exciting and imaginative journey!
Volunteer with us.
*Shifts are just 3 hours/week and keep our Heart beating.
Shop creative reuse, first.
*OPEN Thurs-Mon, 12-6
Sign up to attend our next event.
*Repair Cafe, Oct 14
*Transforming Marine Debris: A Creative Retreat is Nov 3-5.