NCRD is NOT a community organization

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I can’t stand the whitewashing: NCRD is NOT a community organization.

NCRD offered programs ONLY to those who shot Gatets’ mRNA tech.

It is therefore a ‘vaxxed community’ organization.

I will NEVER use NCRD services again. (not that you care of course.)

And it’s a shame; when it was actually a community organization my kid daughter benefited from NCRD greatly.

No vax no pickelball? No thanks!

Maybe we should de-fund this mouthpiece for Big Tech/Farma instead?

And let’s check in with psycho again, shall we?

Here he is (again, three years ago folks, you were warned by the devil himself) giggling and laughing as he brags about turning your CHILDREN into GMOs.

Seriously: That’s EXACTLY what you did to your kids before going to the store to buy your organic non-GMO food.

This guy is evil and very, very mentally ill. Likely a sociopath.

And who the hell asked him to vax the world anyway? The CIA or something? Jeez…

Anyway, this guy is a sicko for sure: