Grow one of the SWEETEST LITTLE GEMS in the Wonder Garden!

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Standing at a diminutive 6″ with deliciously scalloped little leaves and an irresistible halo of bite-size white flowers (two of them with blushed in near black), Erodium ‘Stephanie’ may sound precious but is in fact one tough bruiser of a plant.

Never mind that it likes blazing hot sun, fast drainage and little to no water after its first year. I mean sure, that’s all well and good, but that’s not why it’s in the Wonder Garden.

No, it’s hidden power is its irrepressible need to bloom. Like many of its kin, this cranesbill throws out continuous little bouquets of optimism spring through fall.

But will you be able to buy ‘Stephanie’ at the Hoffman Wonder Garden Plant Sale this Saturday, 10am-1pm?

Ya’ think?