WHO: 4-million adverse reactions to ‘covid’ shots

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There have been more than 4-million adverse reactions to the ‘covid’ vax (NOT including the millions of DEATHS) so far, and the results are still trickling in, and will continue trickling in for decades to com…
What in the hell were you all thinking?
80% of ‘science-is-real’ Oregonians shot this junk?? Seriously??
NOT good news for those who succumbed to Gates’ and Fauci’s fear campaign:
Tetanus vaccine, given out since 1968, has had just over 15,000 adverse reactions.
Polio vaccine, also given out since 1968, has had just over 120,000 adverse reactions.
The vaccine given out for the DOD’s lab-engineered SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon they pre-named ‘covid’ (nobody ate a bat at a wet market silly!) has had over 4-million adverse reactions (so far) and counting.
The above stats come from Alex Jones. Just kidding! They come from the World Health Organization.
Here you are:

If you’ve been reading my posts, you are now ALMOST caught up to three years ago…
Here is some more information you might find useful:
“As a virologist, I personally think creating chimeras of SARS-related bat coronaviruses that are thought to pose high risk to humans entails unacceptable risks,” virologist Jesse Bloom told The Intercept.”
And let’s check in with psycho, shall we?
Bill Gates’ dad worked for IBM, IBM was instrumental in getting Hitler into power.
Bill Gates and his tech buddies have shot something into the bodies of billions of folks worldwide. Nobody but they know what was really inside those vials of junk.
Bill Gates is a staunch advocate of population reduction; he gave a Ted Talk about it.
Billions of humans have shot his junk, and here is Bill Gates himself, quoting Hitler, while calling his ‘vaccine’ ‘THE FINAL SOLUTION’.
If I was vaxxed this would scare the sh*t out of me: