No in November

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Last week you heard ‘Vote For’ pleas from a board member; an employee; a valued citizen; a Friends of NCRD board member for the 5 year operation tax levy. I too would have been part of those pleas had I not started asking questions in 2020 from ‘the others’ in the community about real concerns they had. To say my questions have not be welcomed is an understatement and only to be met with defense and justification. Even bringing to their attention a 1.7 MILLION dollar error in identifying Fundraising donors/dollars was met with a spin and accusation I was suggesting malfeasance.

I have big concerns about the ‘culture’ of both the board and the staff of the NCRD. This began in 2019 and was solidified while meeting with a board member and being told 3 things which I can’t un-hear, they are: ‘Why are you poking your nose in this’, ‘I have a disability, you don’t see me asking for special favors’; and the one which got my shackles up ‘You don’t want to get on the wrong side of the board, we have our own way of doing things’. Yes, all stupid, ignorant things to say AND not one board member or staff disputed OR countered those statements, not one.

Now I’m reaching out to the community as WE will determine the outcome of the November 7th results and we will say if we want change or if the status quo is ‘fine’.

So, if you are one who has had a negative experience, or been treated with less than respect with the NCRD staff or board. Vote No.

If you are one who experiences the NCRD as not listening to the needs for ‘all ages and abilities’ as stated in the (nowhere to be displayed) Mission Statement, Vote No.

If you are someone whose experience of asking questions to the board or the NCRD is as effective as spitting in the wind, Vote No.

If you are someone who doesn’t trust the NCRD, or the Board, Vote No.

If you are someone who believes the NCRD’s adult programs cater to Retiree hours or those who can afford to pay, Vote No.

If you believe the NCRD functions as an ‘old boys club’, Vote No.

If you are someone who is no longer using the NCRD for any reason, Vote No.

If you supported the pool because of our children’s need to learn to swim and now have learned the School has reduced the school swim program to 1/3 of what it was. Vote No.

If you believe the board should be seeking a permanent Executive Director and won’t. Vote No.

If you believe the board should create a committee, committed to stage accessibility for those with mobility concerns in the PAC and won’t. Vote No.

If you believe the board should create a Community Action Committee to see what the community want’s and needs, and won’t. Vote No.

Voting down the levy will not be the end of the NCRD. It will not be the end of the no-pool pool project or the end of the swim program or after-school program. What it will do, it will send a clear message from the community change is what is wanted and needed for being heard, being valued and being treated with respect inside the mission statement:

To provide the Educational, Recreational, Social and Physical well being for the entire North County Community by providing activities for all ages and abilities in an inviting environment.

Vote NO and send a message it’s time for change.