NCRD–good for all of us!

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Posted on behalf of Patty Rinehart

Hello to North County Voters,

I would like to ask you to vote yes for the North County Recreation District’s 5-year Levy coming up for renewal on November 7, 2023.

As memory serves me, I first started going to the building which houses NCRD when I was in the 5th grade. It was there I met a woman who became one of my lifetime friends. But we’re not here for my history.

What a building this was then and is now too. The building houses a variety of people and projects. I’m going to have to guess ages, maybe 4-80 years old. And what are all those people doing there? The preschool would be the youngest, then there are the after-school kids, the people who use the fitness center, and the blend of all the people who take classes. So, I’m pretty sure people using NCRD age from 4-80 plus years old. It is a wonderful building that not only goes on for all those years, but also serves so many people.

So many communities would love to have such a building and programs to serve so many people. I must tell you about my special passion for NCRD and their programs, which is the kids. I don’t want any child to go home to an empty home–which is what their after-school program serves. And it is first come, first serve. Doesn’t matter if you have the full payment or not, you can get a scholarship for this program. Sports programs are also offered to these kids. Right now, it is soccer.

Adults can take classes; I’ve watched the art classes–it’s wonderful. Working out in classes, or in the weight room or the cardio room has helped so many in our community. My mind wants to say, community, classes, and NCRD are good for all of us.

Patty Rinehart