2009 Ford F-150 XL 4×4 Truck for sale, $6k

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I bought this truck two years ago for my business, mostly just to haul around my tools. It’s been very reliable for me, but I closed my business and now I no longer need a truck. I’ve been maintaining it well and only give it full synthetic.

VIN: 1FTPX14VX9KA27746
Mileage: 230,560
Title: Clean
Engine: V8 5.4L
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: 4×4
Fuel: Gas (FlexFuel)

• Runs great
• Heater & AC work
• Includes steel rack & toolboxes
• Backup camera
• Stereo has Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
• Fitted waterproof seat covers
• Tires still have tread
• No check engine light

• Dented tailgate
• Left turn signal is fast (but all lights do work)
• Single key, no keyless entry
• Slight power steering issue:

The truck loses power steering when turning right at really slow speeds. It hasn’t bothered me enough to get it fixed yet and it hasn’t gotten any worse since it started. My asking price is based on KellyBlueBook’s value which has already taken the power steering issue into account.

First person with $6,000 gets it, but I may consider other offers as I need my parking space back soon!

Email: liamwolf@sudomail.com
Text: 971-435-3708