New York Governor: Masks On! Oregon next??

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As I’ve been saying since I got wind of their plans, thanks to the First Amendment, actual journalists, and folks who value freedom over hive-mind, the creeps at the CDC, Big Tech, Big Banks, WEF, etc. have started ‘pandemic #2’.

Here is the governor of New York: you must ‘vax’ again, the last ‘vax’ won’t work “THIS TIME AROUND” she says.


Get ready Oregon.

If you live on the north coast of Oregon it’s time to start asking your local politicians if they are planning to close our beaches and parks again. Are they planning to close our small businesses again? Are they planning mask mandates like New York and Canada have ALREADY STARTED for Gates’ ‘pandemic number two’?

Are they planing on extorting our children again, telling our children they must ONCE AGAIN wear a useless anti-science mask all day at school or stay home and Zoom (Google)?? (Sick stuff attacking our kids mental health. Vile really. Inhuman also comes to mind.)

Anyway, hide your children and get ready to MASK UP OREGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke, proud, anti-science and masked! The Oregon way!

It’s all coming back, just like I told you it would.

Are you ready for anti-science pro-fascist shutdown number two, as I also suggested?

Are you stocked up? The supply lines will be getting corrupted again; carbon reduction or covid reduction?? Whatever, just renew your Netflix and Door Dash accounts! Don’t carry cash – it’s got germs!

Then get in line for the New and Improved mRNA-tech ‘Fauci Ouchie’ from your freedom-loving friends at Pfizer!

And here she is, New York’s solution to disgraced misogynist (anti-woman) and medical tyrant, former Dem Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s a**-grabbing problem:

Listen for it: “…this time around…”

Get ready Oregon! Your beloved medical fascism is coming back!

As for Canada? Full commie already. Thanks World Economic Forum!

The idea of freedom-loving Canada is Trudeau-ver:

And here is Bill Gates lying to the world AND admitting he and his corrupt billionaire tech bros who engineered the ‘vax’ and the virus violated the terms of the anti-Nazi Nuremburg Code. And he tells us to get ready for Pandemic number two.

Look how happy he is in the midst of this genocide, what a creep: