Nuremburg 2.0 (science is real)

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Despite all those ‘science is real’ yard signs all over Oregon, the science of epidemiology is still being intentionally ignored by Oregonians for political purposes. Or maybe those signs are for virtue-signaling only?

Whatever the case, Oregonians are dying in higher numbers than Swedes because Oregonians are not following the science. Super ironic. Kind of funny.

And here is yet another study showing that lockdowns and masks don’t work.

Ye, yet another study for Oregonian’s deaf, anti-science ears:

The low-level everyday authoritarian tyrants in schools, county admin buildings, and Wal-Mart$ are once again more than willing to do the bidding of the trillion-dollar medical fascists.

The CDC is essentially a drug company. They own patents. They are corrupt as it gets.

Big Tech and Big Pharma and Oregon’s Governor, Kotek this time around, are once again gearing up to shut-down our small businesses, close our schools, close our state parks, close our beaches, close our boat launches and close the parking lots of our favorite hiking trails.

And they are once again coming for our children.

Will you stand up for yourself this time?

Our local leaders are sheep pretending to be wolves. They WILL NOT help you. Tillamook County politicians will not help our children; democrat or republican. They’ve already laid down like a bunch of beat-down pansies and let Fauci and Biden and Trump and Gates abuse our children.

Yamamoto and company, the elderly heads of teachers unions, the school board cowards, should all be in jail for child abuse, from their cowardice and witnessing the crimes against our children, the abuse, and doing nothing about it last time around. They are absolute cowards in the face of this medical tyranny.

The worst Nazis were the doctors. Make no mistake about that fact.

It’s time for Nuremberg 2.0.


Before they screw our kids over even more.