Never Forget WTC builing 7

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One of the Nehalem area’s greatest assets are the Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue First Responders. I’ve had occasion to call them twice for individuals in medical distress, and these responders are top of the line; it doesn’t get any better.

We are very lucky to have them. I do have an issue with the new fire truck though.

Three World Trade Center buildings were blown-up and collapsed into their own footprint on September 11th, 2001. But only two WTC buildings, numbers One and Two, the tallest two, are depicted on the sides of Nehalem’s new fire truck.

WTC Building 7 was 47-stories tall, about half the size of the 110-story WTC buildings 1 and 2. It would fit quite nicely on the door I think, next to the other two buildings that were blown by criminal elements in the Israeli, Saudi Arabian, and American governments.

This ‘false flag’ (Osama did it!) was done to justify the destruction (make money killing them and stealing their oil) of Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran. Only Syria and Iran have avoided being attacked by the United States (so far) after the false flag attack in NYC that day, which saw the Bush Crime Family blaming Osama Bin Laden for their 9/11 operation.

Brilliant nomenclature: 911. No other three numbers strike such a chord in Americans hearts.

Anyway, the side of the new fire truck is missing a building, yes.

In the second link below, one can hear NYC First Responders discussing the demolition of building 7, and you can hear the explosions yourself.

And you can hear the owner, Larry Silverstein, claim that they decided to blow up Building 7 that day (pull it) in order to save firefighters’ lives. (They killed how many firefighters in buildings One and Two? As if he cares about a few more. Larry Silverstein had just bought the WTC complex btw, and he is a Zionist Jew and was very much interested in destroying Muslim countries and stealing their oil.)

Obviously, it takes more than a few hours (about two weeks actually) to rig a building of that size for demolition. Larry here suggests they rigged it in one afternoon! The truth is Mossad agents rigged the buildings with explosives, they were given that job. Ain’t telling you how I know that.

But I will tell you that nobody involved in 9/11 (about 200 individuals or so) cares that I am writing this. They blew up a 47-story building on live tv at 530 PM on a Monday in lower Manhattan and nobody even remembers it happened! (Mission accomplished)

I went in WTC Building One as a kid, but only to the unimpressive 14th floor.

I did witness Building 7 blow up on live tv, which is why I probably keep harping on it. I saw it blow up LIVE. You didn’t, because you turned off the television before 5:30 PM that Monday, like so many other Americans. But I kept watching. It’s kind of f*cked witnessing such a crime and then watching a nation totally unaware that it even occurred. I bet it makes Dubya laugh tho.

(My theory is the THIRD PLANE was supposed to hit the THIRD BUILDING, but it was forced down by passengers over Pennsylvania. So they had to blow up Bldg 7 without the plane-hit cover. Just my theory, ain’t heard nobody else posit such.

I’m guessing our friends in ‘intelligence’ have totally scrubbed the video of Dan Rather and Bldg 7 that day, but I watched Dan on CBS look really confused, wondering why his producer had cut to a shot of WTC building 7 which only had a small fire on a 30th floor. Then me and Dan Rather watched the f*ucking building blow up on live tv. (You can see video of the controlled demolition in link #2).

If you recall, Dan Rather came out against attacking Iraq (a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 – younger generations don’t know that), and he was promptly fired by Westinghouse-owned (weapons systems) CBS News.

It’s important to remember history, to remember building 7, to put a picture of it on Nehalem’s fire trucks. Building 7 isn’t on any fire trucks that I’ve ever seen. Why is that? It wasn’t big enough?

Can we put a rendition of WTC Building 7 on Nehalem’s new fire truck? That would be a grand gesture to the NYC First Responders who witnessed that part of the attack on the American people.


It’s important to remember WTC 7 because when we forget things like WTC Building 7, we get Covid1984, and more and more lies that can lead to things like WW3 with Russia.

It’s too late to stop Covid1984 and war with Russia tho.

But maybe we can stop them from closing our schools again and masking our children during Gates’ upcoming ‘pandemic number 2’.

School closures and masks are great for fascists, but bad for children: