Find the Eye

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The treasure hunt is well underway, but the trophy still has not been found. Registration is officially closed but you can still participate non-registered. For more info go to:

Clue 8:
The hill that once shouted and raged
now lies quiet and still.

Clue 7:
Where 1/4 and 5 1/2 meet,
nearby dwells a Troll.

Clue 6:
The place where I lie is haunted
by the ghosts of listeners past.

Clue 5:
Whoso pulleth out this Eye of this huckleberry bush
is rightwise Eye Finder of all Tillamook.

Clue 4:
The odd giraffe
half alive, half dead
kneels by the trail
where you must stray.

Clue 3:
If more quickly you would find what you seek,
then start from the end.

Clue 2:
Catch, and release. Catch, and release.
If you pass them while you search, say hello.

Clue 1:
Sunset I can see,
but sunrise never falls on me.