Want to learn Video, Audio Editing and or 3D Animation?

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Hello. My name is Drew Reid and I am a long time local and a videographer/3D animator. I am offering one on one instruction for folks interested in utilizing PC based programs to create professional quality videos for pleasure and profit.
My background includes 18 years in the field of Forensic Animation, creating over 90 short videos of local news and local natural wonders, 3 short films and 3 sci-fi animation web series containing over 60 episodes watched by well over 300K viewers.
I can teach you the basics of editing video clips and vocal/music tracks in order to tell a story or promote products and causes you care about. To facilitate these endeavors I can help provide you with free PC based video and audio editing software and free 3D/2D animation programs. One hour, relaxed instruction sessions can take place at your home or my office.
Cost is very reasonable and learning is at your pace and comfort level. Please drop me a line for further information. nehalembayexperience@gmail.com
Also, if you would like to have video productions created for your business, organization or personal projects, I can provide you with professional quality service at a fair and reasonable cost.
Thank you for your time and consideration, Drew Reid.