Event 201 and masks on in NY

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A very good film starts after Brian’s introduction, about 6 minutes in. (Link at end)

First, the filmmaker sheds light on EVENT 201, which saw Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates war-game A GLOBAL CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK at Johns Hopkins.

The thing is…


This is NOT a conspiracy theory: Event 201 very much happened at Johns Hopkins. The people (actors) in the video actually said the things you see and hear them saying.

Can you honestly tell yourself this is all a coincidence?

Event 201 was essentially a business plan from medical tyrant/billionaire Bill Gates and Nazi/communist on steroids Klaus Schwab. The folks who ran ‘the seminar’ helped transfer a trillion dollars of taxpayer dollars to the richest folks on the planet, while scaring and vaxxing the world (not Africa) and shutting down the global economy (carbon-cutting experiment – cut 8%) for a spell.

This is much like the Vietnam War (and every American war of late), which was planned and pre-packaged for Nixon. Kennedy won the election instead, a surprise victory (stole the election actually) and he didn’t want the war, so they killed him and LBJ who was party to the assassination immediately escalated the war in Vietnam.

“Covid1984” and NATO’s war with Russia were pre-packaged for Hillary Clinton. I told every one of my friends that if Biden gets elected, he will gladly start a war with Russia for the war pigs, the war Donald stopped, the war that was supposed to make Hillary a war hero. That’s why Donald Trump is being destroyed: he didn’t want war with Russia. He did go along for the shutdown and the mRNA scam. He is a narcissist asshole for sure. But Donald Trump does not want the United States to go to war with Russia. Biden and the Democrats (not RFK, Jr.) clearly want war with Russia. I’ll vote Trump over Biden any day.

Back to Vietnam: Errol Morris’ film the Fog of War shows how former Ford Motor Co. CEO Robert McNAmara pre-planned the Vietnam War. He essentially made a business plan: He war-gamed the war much like Bill Gates war-gamed the release of the of the lab-engineered SARS-CoV-2, which itself was designed to get the world to get hooked on Big Techs mRNA-tech for life. Surveillance, the World Economic Forum tells us, is ‘about to go under the skin’, and our ’notion of free will is over’.

Listen to what those ‘global leaders’ are saying and discussing in the film below, FIVE MONTHS BEFORE THE PANDEMIC, FIVE MONTHS BEFORE THEY STARTED RELEASING VIRUSES FROM THE WUHAN LAB.

Their words all sound eerily familiar don’t they, because those are the very words ACTUAL GLOBAL LEADERS would be saying five months after this ‘seminar’! The tweets from rappers and rock stars? All pre-planned.

They (Klaus and Bill) war-gamed the entire pandemic that weekend. (But you never heard about it you say? Well, you never heard about WTC Building 7 either did you? The 57-story steel-structure which blew up on live television at 530 PM in lower Manhattan on a Monday in September, then collapsed entirely into its own footprint. Because it was BLOWN UP via controlled demolition.). Fine if you want to come up with a different, benevolent reason Klaus and Bill decided to war-game a global coronavirus outbreak (they want to help us! Uh huh…) five months before an actual global coronavirus outbreak, but ‘the seminar’ happened.

Here is something eerily familiar, and I will say I told ya so (headlines only):




It won’t be the same this time, but they ain’t done milking the covid teet.

And just as many of us start to wake up to what happened last time around, expect “Putin” to be boogey-man front and center, as American boots hit the ground in Ukraine and Russia this year.

So yeah, add war to the mix this time around. Maybe a nuke will knock out our grid for 30 days? Maybe an energy weapon hits the San Andreas and we get a tsunami? Maybe ‘Russian hackers’ AKA the CIA, will knock out the power grid and the internet, causing massive starvation and suffering as folks’ smart phones won’t work. These are things more worthy of civics planning than the threat of a 500-year avg. natural tsunami event.

Whatever they (war pigs/Gates/Schwab) do next will likely be related to World War Woke which was started by NATO and is being fought against the people of Ukraine, against logic, against reason, against peace, against us…

But the pandemic stuff is coming back, make no mistake about it.

Here is RFK Jr talking about Event 201, the ’seminar’ which was run by a former Deputy Director of the CIA! A former advocate of torturing prisoners at Guantanamo!:


And here is how it was planned first time around.

Again, fast forward to 5 minutes for the Event 201 stuff.


Also in the film is Dr. Judy Mankovitz (sp) who worked with Fauci when he was murdering gays with AIDS drugs. At that time, she said, one of narcissist creep Fauci’s goals was to be on Johnny Carson. He did a lot better than Johnny in the end, didn’t he?

(There is a reason Fauci is in the witness protection program)

And for the heck of it, here are 30 studies showing masks don’t work. Again, if you’re sick, please stay home:

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