Ready your ‘sick kit’ now!

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As we watch our overlord’s ‘covid mission-creep’ take hold again as they ramp up what Gates’ calls ‘pandemic number two’, with the masks that don’t work (BREATHE!) and the ‘vaccines’ that have killed millions (more than covid maybe? Since most covid deaths were actually influenza.), watch for the initial authoritarianism/totalitarianism to come out of Canada and California, from Klause Schwab’s favorite brownshirts Justin Trudeau and Gavin Newsom.
I was recently reminded of the importance of treating ‘covid’ or whatever this respiratory thing is that they are hitting us with as soon as the infection presents itself, that those who let the infections linger (lingering inflammation bad) are the ones who most-often end up with more overall sickness: brain fog, etc.
So, I advise, after doing a ton of research and NOT listing to Fauci or Fizer or the other Big Tech/Farma sociopath billionaire scum, that as soon as you feel sick, if it’s anything like the flu, take hydroxychloroquine and Nobel Prize-winning ivermectin. Both have been demonized by Fauci and Fizer, by the corrupt CDC and Mode RNA’s big tech boys. The reason those treatments are demonized by the greedy sociopaths mentioned above is because those treatments are CHEAP and THEY WORK. But you can’t find two-dollar ivermectin in communist/Covidian America because Fauci and Biden made it unavailable for us. They want us dead and/or ‘vaxxed’ with brand-new immune-system-hijacking mRNA-tech. Wake up folks.
Also, the virus was engineered for the vaccine. That is elemental understanding if you want to survive round two. The ‘vaccine’ was created decades ago, not during Trump’s Operation Warp speed. Nobody ate bat soup in China either. Remember that? Can you see how incredible stupid and racist that was for us to believe that crap?
Stay away from that ‘vaccine’ by any means necessary.
You can still get hydroxycholoquine and Nobel Prize-winning ivermectin in the internet, but expect Biden to put you in jail for buying or selling it soon, this time around. Get it now while you can.
If you can’t get those two medicines, at Natural Grocers in Warrenton you can find Querceten (from citrus peels I think, which is hydroxychloroquine light as I understand it.) Querceten goes with zinc, and Natural Grocers has their own brand, with the right mix of zinc and querceten, about 30 mg, too much zinc can be bad for liver. Along with these two, Vitamin D is huge in prevention and in getting rid of infection.
Most Africans were smart enough not to ‘vax’ (only 6 percent did), and Africans also have more (sun) Vitamin D than most, and as a result that continent barely saw covid. (Though tens of millions of Africans did die from Klaus Schwab’s experimental carbon-cutting global shutdown (‘covid’ the excuse) – supply lines compromised, no food, they starved. The global shutdown was a massive experiment. Klause wasn’t happy with the results though, the carbon reduction he thought could have been better).
So Vitamin D seems to be very helpful, and for us at this latitude, we can’t even produce vitamin D year round. 25,000 IUs a day is what out bodies makes on a sunny day; I approximate that in the winter, usually take 10,000 IUs a day in summer, again Natural Grocers have a line of their own vitamin d that’s cheap.
NAC and Lysine are worth looking at; as is nattokinase for crushing excessive red spike proteins if you shot ‘the ‘vax’ and seek to detox. Cilantro may help detox some of the metals found in the ‘vax’.
(An issue with ‘the vax’ is that the tech creeps put a whole cocktail of stuff into those vials, and there were many different ‘vaxxes’. So what you have in you could be very different from what they guy behind you got.)
Also helpful when/if you get sick during Gates’ ‘pandemic number two’ are some of the usual suspects when sick: honey, bee pollen, elderberry, black seed oil, vitamin c (lots). Folks have also taken massive doses of vitamin C and D after getting sick and flushed out the toxins/viruses or whatever. Osha root is a nice western US anti-viral plant, but not local, must be purchased.
I found ibuprofen helpful both times I had ‘covid’ or SARS or whatever. For fever AND lung inflammation.
I put spruce tips I freeze (anti-viral suramin I think??) when brewing my coffee daily, sometimes osha as well. Spruce coffee tastes good if nothing else.
If you get sick, at this point I advise taking it very seriously RIGHT AWAY. I recommend having EVERYTHING YOU NEED for getting sick ON HAND NOW. You can lose precious time if you carry a fever for even one night waiting for a store to open. The stores will also be shutdown again this year, but maybe closer to the election so the Dems can get absentee voting widespread again; it worked wonders for Dems last time despite all the evident fraud.
Anyway, get your sick kit for yourself and your family ready now. Don’t wait until you are too sick to go to the store.
Oh, and what’s with all these people wearing masks in public WHO ARE SICK????? Masks don’t fu#king work! If you are sick, please stay home!
Take the above health advice or leave it; I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on TV.