Our southern border needs a fix; too much suffering

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This administration is a total failure on every level and our very lives are at risk. War, vaccines, more war, more vaccines, mask mandates, more war…when will it end?

Glen Greenwald just tweeted the most important truth about the Democrats war against Russia and the people of Ukraine:

“The group that, by far, most supports US fueling of the war in Ukraine is self-identified ‘liberal Dems’. One major reason is they loathe Russia for 2016 and are willing to destroy Ukraine to harm Moscow.”

The cluster bombs that AOC and Biden sent to Ukraine are now being used by the way. (yes, that’s Rachel Maddow cheering in the background.)

I didn’t think it possible to see an administration more murderous and more anti-American than Bush/Cheney, but here we are.

And look at what Biden and the rest have done to our border. I don’t blame the migrants; I would want out of those sh*thole countries, too.

In the past three years (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 7-million people from over one-hundred and forty countries (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) have just walked across our border and now live here illegally. (while international travelers need to be vaxxed for entry to the US, illegals don’t have to be vaxxed! That should tell you all you need to know about the ‘vax’ when Biden tries to scare you into ‘boo$ting’ this fall. Just like the illegals, YOU DON’T NEED IT.).

I think it very important to point out that the Hondurans are (still) fleeing a hell cause by Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama after they overthrew the Honduran government and installed death squads, creating a massive humanitarian wave out of Honduras as they flee Hillary’s installed murderous military government. Those death squads immediately killed the most famous environmentalist and ACTUAL FEMINIST, south of our border, Berta Caceras.

An open border is the antithesis of compassion: