Bring back a local currency

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Ten or so years ago someone around Nehalem developed a local currency. Doing so again might be a good idea. The Billionaire Instigators are quickly getting rid of our ability to use cash; then they will have absolute control over our use of ‘money’.

They already have mandated that they have total control of our cars. (connected to internet with government controlled shut-off switch). This is designed to control/stop our future movements cuz ‘climate chaos’.

These lunatics want you to submit to retinal scans to buy toilet paper. These are the nastiest ‘futurist’ banker-fascists who are trying to take cash from us. The more they sugar-coat this totalitarian move, the more you can rest assured the proponents of this are full of sh*t.

“Holden’s plan to phase out cash within three years begins with eliminating $100 notes in the first year and $50 bills in year two. Then it’s about using education and incentives, especially convincing traditional cash users of better options.”