More mask mandates and lockdowns starting September?

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I’ll go out on a limb and say this is highly likely:

“Whistleblowers from the TSA and Border Patrol have raised the alarm that the Biden administration is setting the stage for full Covid lockdowns that will begin with incremental restrictions like masking TSA employees in mid-September.

The first source cited a Tuesday meeting in which TSA managers were told new memorandums & policies were being completed that would reimplement masking, starting with TSA & airport employees as early as mid-September.

The TSA official also said next week they will receive new guidelines on how the policy will escalate: by mid-October, mask-wearing will be required by pilots, flight staff, passengers, and airport patrons.

After hearing from the TSA manager, this source confirmed the same directives were being given to Border Patrol.”

Like I’ve been saying, Covid1984 has just begun.

Get stocked up.