Black Lives Matter worldwide

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These Black Lives Matter demonstrations every Saturday in Manzanita got me thinking some more…

When I was a senior in high school I went to see Nelson Mandela speak at Yankee Stadium, upon his release from an apartheid-South Africa prison. Harry Belafante was there. Tracy Chapman was there. Richie Havens was there. I remember looking up from the field and seeing Yankee Stadium entirely filled with with black faces, something which never happened before and may never happen again. (There were a few of us whities; our faces imperceptible among the blacks from afar.)

Black Lives Matter Day in Manzanita reminded me of Nelson Mandela the other week.

And I feel obliged to point out what several of my black friends have said; it’s basically what Malcom X says in the link below. One black friend said liberal Boston was the most racist city he ever visited, and I met him in Salt Lake!

Anyway, Malcom:

And it seems Africa as a whole is getting very sick of ‘liberals’, especially Woke Biden and Woke Macron. Seems some Africans are not so interested in Biden’s ‘equity’ and are willing to go to war to keep the Racist Woke Democrats (Biden’s mentor former Sen. Robert Byrd was a KKK leader) out of Niger and the entire region! How many governments in Africa have Biden and Obama overthrown because “Black Lives Matter”?

Jimmy Door knows:

And now…African Malaria is in the United States! Thank you ‘philanthropist’ Bill Gates!

From article:

“The Gates Foundation is heavily invested in the GMO (genetically modified organism) mosquito project, investing more than $30 million in Oxitec. Most of it — more than $20 million — is aimed at U.S. regions.”


“Locally acquired malaria has been nonexistent in the U.S. for the last 20 years. But five such cases have recently been diagnosed — four in Florida and one in Texas — the only two states that have released genetically engineered mosquitoes.”

(Oh Billy Boy, what have you done? Please take your ‘philanthropy’ back to your Seattle end-of-the-world-bunker and leave us the hell alone!)

As if the malaria-spreading mosquitoes weren’t enough of a warning to us to get this guy in jail ASAP, the Gates funded vax (the ‘covid’ one, not the one with the malaria his genetically-modified mosquitoes are spreading around Texas and Florida), has killed an estimated how many in Europe??

Millions dead (blacks and whites) worldwide from the vax? Millions more with strokes and heart attacks? Could it be true?

John Campbell goes through the numbers, from Eurostat:

And now Biden says we have to work with NATO and France to BOMB Niger why??? Rechargeable batteries for ‘green’ cars, the precious metals to be mined by the slave-children of Niger?? Global warming equity? Tough choice! I sure like driving my Tesla a lot! Elon even put in a button I can push and it will make my car dance to his favorite classical music song!

(Equity is easy: just don’t think about the enslaved black kids mining the precious metals for your Tesla.)

Not all are on board with the Woke/War agenda though. Here is some Italian fire! She doesn’t not like Macron, oh no! She also refers to ‘liberal’ ‘progressive’ ‘feminist’ Hillary Clinton overthrowing Libya and installing death squads, which caused a massive humanitarian crisis and saw a massive wave of Libyan migrants to Italy fleeing Hillary’s Libyan hell.

The same thing happened here in North America when Hillary and Barak overthrew Honduras. Not only did the death squads they put in place immediately murder the number one environmental activist in Honduras, Berta Caceras, they caused a massive humanitarian crisis that sent millions of starving Hondurans north to our no-border with Mexico and into Texas and Arizona and California.

Why do so many in Niger want France (NATO) and woke war-criminal Macron out and Russia in?????

Oh, but you say Orange Man woulda brought some love to Africa?

Malema thinks not:

“Donald Trump has not done anything different than every other white person has done”.

I love the black-power fist behind him, holding a spear!!!!! Love it! A genuine symbol of black power, unlike those rapidly-fading trendy corporate/communist ’Black Lives Matter’ fist bumper-stickers white people all over Portland have on the back of their cars.

Yeah, those stickers are fading. Either the company that makes those stickers went out of business, the people of Portland moved on to the trendy “I Support Ukraine” thing, or maybe the people of Portland realized the quadrupled homicide rate (and climbing), and the explosive violence gripping the city, resulted DIRECTLY from the state-sponsored domestic terrorism riots in Portland three summers ago, those riots saw BLM folks (white folks) trying to BURN DOWN THE PORTLAND POLICE STATION EVERY NIGHT FOR AN ENTIRE SUMMER! I was working as a taxi driver at that time, and at the beginning of every 6 AM shift I would drive to 3rd and Madison to see the carnage from the night before. The charred sides of buildings. The trash everywhere. The Graffiti: “Fuck the Police!” “Kill A Cop!” “FUCK12!” This went on, ore or less, until Joe Biden was elected. And the Soros-funded DA let all of these leftist-terrorists get away with their violence against the people of Portland.

No cops died though, some were injured, but hundreds of young black teenage boys have since been murdered in Portland due to the anti-cop (pro-gang) aftermath of the state-sponsored cop-hating Black Lives Matter riots. If the pro-gangster and pro-tweaker Measure 114 goes into effect, even more black kids will be killed.

“Bro, you coming along for the drive-by?”

“No man, I ain’t registered my gun yet.”

Yeah, Measure 114 is gonna work miracles with those sick enough and screwed over by society enough to murder with guns. I can’t wait to see the gangster compliance rates if this ridiculous measure ever goes into effect!


And finally, Ice Cube, front-man for NWA and kick-ass actor, an actor who TURNED DOWN 9 MILLION DOLLARS for an acting roll because the union and studio required actors to shoot the experimental mRNA tech from the criminals who run the CDC and Pfizer if he wanted to be in the film!!!!!! Yeah, he turned down 9 million dollars!!!! (Jamie Foxx took the jab)

Anyway, Ice Cube says to his fellow blacks, STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!