Fat Tire eBike for Sale, RadRover, $300

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I have a fat tire ebike for sale, a RadRover, it’s in decent condition, but it’s been out here at the coast for 6 years, so has rust in some spots, the chain and gears are very rusty. There’s a good chance you’ve seen me riding around town on it, I have used this ebike a lot in Manzanita, it has over 3000 miles on the odometer. I have another one now with big cargo baskets and more power, so I am selling this one. It’s a great beach ebike.

I have some extra parts for it (a controller and the original twist throttle I took off it). The battery, the motor, and all the regular bike stuff has been problem free, but some of the ebike’s other electronic stuff (wiring harness, display, controller, throttle), I’ve had to replace to keep the bike working. The pedal assist sensor is the latest part that has started acting up, it probably needs replacing or cleaning. I haven’t bothered with it, as I just use the thumb throttle all the time on this bike. A friend with this bike upgraded his with the Area 13 upgrade kit, (a nicer display and more powerful controller), it’s a good upgrade for this bike to make it more reliable and more powerful.

If you have any questions or want a test ride, send me an email.