As Usual, Friends and Flowers

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Getting more flowers each day, Friends of North County Recreation District (NCRD) continues to sell flowers in downtown Manzanita next to the Little Apple Grocery & Deli. Tomorrow, Friday, we will feature flowers and arrangements coming from Judith Stone-Aaen. Judith has a wonderful yard and puts lots of work into it. Judith also knows the scientific plant names (Binomial Nomenclature) of all the flowers she grows-not an easy feat, but what a talent! When Judith started arranging her own flowers, Friends had the biggest sales day of this summer. Judith’s flowers will be at the Deli at 9 AM. Get there early to get your favorite colors. Friends of North County Recreation District thank Judith for all her help. We have other flower donors I hope to bring to you in our next release. We couldn’t do it without them!
Yes, we will be selling flowers in downtown Manzanita tomorrow, Friday, also Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and then next Thursday. Our days off would be Sunday and Wednesday. Thanks to all who are bringing us clean vases. This is a huge help and savings to Friends.
If you need a special bouquet for family reunions, birthday parties, or any occasion you might imagine just let us know and we will deliver in this area. Call Gail at 503-830-3759 or leave a message with Patty at 503-368-6081 and we will get back to you to find out what you might need. Thanks!