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Tuesday, Tuesday, what am I supposed to remember about Tuesday? Was it the Fair-no that I’m going to on Wednesday. Watering and fertilizing the tomatoes? No, I’m doing that today. Taco Tuesday at the Deli? Well as much as I LOVE those tacos, I’m not supposed to eat them. Oh, yes, now I remember! It is going to be $5 Tuesday for the Friends of North County Recreation District flower sales. Which of course takes place next to the Manzanita Grocery & Deli in downtown Manzanita. Can life get any better-tacos and flowers! Just don’t get the two mixed up. Eating the flowers may not hurt you but putting your tacos in water won’t do the taco any good-oh I love those tacos. Anyway…Friends of NCRD has lots of nice flowers coming on so be sure to pick up your $5 arrangement-worth at least $10 or more-at the Deli. I’m sure you remember if you don’t get your flowers on Tuesday you have to wait until Thursday to get the next Friends bouquets. Friends of NCRD are selling flower bouquets next to Manzanita Grocery & Deli on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Taking Sunday and Wednesday off. Need special flowers for a birthday, family reunion, or just to say you care? Contact Gail at gailmyoung@mac.com or call her at 503-830-3759. Or, if you have an itch to help us arrange bouquets you can also contact Gail. Friends mission is to promote and support by raising funds for scholarships, programs, and projects. Friends of NCRD is a 501© (3) organization. Allergic to flowers? Donations can be mailed to Friends of NCRD, PO Box 511, Nehalem, Oregon 97130. Sales start at 9 AM. Thanks!