Johns Hopkins: Shutdowns don’t work

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John Hopkins study:
“An analysis of each of these three groups support the conclusion that lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality. More specifically, stringency index studies find that lockdowns in Europe and the United States only reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% on average. SIPOs were also ineffective, only reducing COVID-19 mortality by 2.9% on average. Specific NPI studies also find no broad-based evidence of noticeable effects on COVID-19 mortality.”
Myocarditis from ‘vax’? 1 in 35????? (But Trump and Big Tech colluded and Americans can’t sue fo vax injury!)

I remember telling an associate five or so years ago that Bill Gates (via a shell company and the NIH)) was genetically-modifying mosquitos to deliver vaccines.
I also remember that associate telling me, and others about me, that I was totally nuts and off my rocker, some kind of Q-Anon nut job. (QAnon is a Democrat-run intel operation btw, designed yes, to fool Repubs, but mostly designed to fool Democrats. Doh!).
I didn’t back down though, when my associate called me nuts. Do you know why? Because five years ago I, and a shit-ton of scientists and bankers and lawyers and journalists knew Bill Gates was developing genetically-modified mosquitoes to deliver vaccines:

So, um, get your Neem or whatever…
More dangerous than Bill’s genetically-modified flying syringes are all those folks STILL wearing masks!
Masks don’t stop microscopic viruses!
What masks and lockdowns do do however…
Masks deprive the wearer of oxygen, which you need A LOT OF when you are sick. You know those yoga or whatever bumper stickers? Yeah, those: BREATHE!
Masks are bad for children of all ages.
Masks make small children unable to read facial expressions, and many started talking later than the pre-Covid1984 average.
Masks create a false sense of medical security.
Masks create a culture of fear.
Masks let the Billionaire Instigators win.
Lockdowns (most notable school closures) are so insanely destructive for everyone it is mind-boggling how many advocated and still advocate for them. 20-million EXTRA DEAD in Africa and other Third World Countries (more of that ‘progressive equity’?) due to anti-science Western and Eastern lockdowns and the resulting supply chain (food/medicine) issues? And our children here in the First World? Suicide, drug addiction, total apathy, shit for a future. It’s a wonder the Covid Generation (kids) haven’t all slit their wrists already. They were totally abandoned by science and reason; Big Tech and the everyday sheep that did Big Tech’s bidding, ruined the future for millions of children, in many cases straight up took their lives from them. The Billionaire Instigators (Big Tech/Big Pharma/Big Banks in this case) advocate for lockdowns because they make a shi*t-ton of money when everyone just stays home, afraid, (500 new tech/medical/banker billionaires emerged during Covid1984), and they also do it for control, which will last beyond Covid1984 (git your everything-app ready!); the sheep do the Instigator Billionaires’ bidding mostly out of stupidity and fear.
Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, MSNBC (sponsored by…Pfizer??) thinks you should start wearing masks AGAIN! Cuz of the summer covid uptick…which comes before the winter covid uptick…which is in-between the spring and autumn covid upticks…
“You question me, you question science!” – some evil elf in a dystopic Disney film…