Ikea Office Furniture (FREE or a token donation:)

Submitted By: julia_markova@hotmail.com – Click to email about this post
This was a really fun corner office my teenager used for 3 years. It is still in great shape (very minor scratches which can see just because it is white).

While the chair is fully assembled (it also has some very minor damage along one “leather” seam inflicted by our dear cat) and does not come apart, the corner office is now taken apart for transportation.

We bo longer have the original Ikea directions but It is easy to put together if you know how Ikea furniture works – otherwise, this might be challenging.

Happy to have you take the whole “set” or just the office or just the chair – anything helps to save from sending this to a landfill.

Free or a small donation to justify me loading it up into my car to drive from PDX to Manzanita:).

Hoping to re-home this:).