Back by Popular Demand: Conversations with Councilors: STRs

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Back by popular demand, we’re bringing Conversations with Councilors back for round two.

This time we would like to listen to your thoughts and ideas about Short Term Rentals (STRs). As many of you may know, the Short Term Rental Committee recently presented its survey findings:

For the Survey presentation and raw data, please note the links on the City of Manzanita’s website front page: green block, Announcements and Information.

We’d like to use the results to guide conversations with you about STRs—specifically regarding density mitigation measures and cap adjustments that the council will need to address in the future. We have filled the July dates and are now in August!

These sessions will be on
Tuesday, Aug 1 – 10am
Thursday, Aug 10 – 2pm
Tuesday, Aug 15 – 10am

The location will again be at the Manzanita library and will include two councilors at a time. To ensure your voice is heard, we’ll keep the attendance to 15 (this worked very well). The specifics will be posted on the city’s website. And please note that you do not need to print a “ticket” to attend. When you sign up, your name is captured on a list that we receive. We apologize for the confusion—our intentions are to make it as easy as possible for you to attend while ensuring that it’s an effective gathering.

You can reserve your spot by going to the City of Manzanita Website Calendar, click the date you would like to attend and follow the link to reserve your seat.

City Calendar is here:

Please come with your ideas! They help us to be better positioned to make city policy that residents support. And remember, this is a safe venue for you to be heard—and we want to hear from everyone, not just the loudest voices!